Projects and Clients

Mammoth Map Guides

Publication and distribution of annual high-quality visitor maps for Dawson City and Whitehorse. 

Department of Energy, Mines & Resources, Government of Yukon

A major data enhancement project to upgrade the Yukon Vegetation Inventory dataset, 2011.

Data creation, map production, spatial analysis and custom cartography to support an aerial forest health data collection program for the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Forest Health Reports.

Department of Tourism & Culture, Government of Yukon

Geolocation support for tourism planning publications.

Development of a series of wilderness tourism infrastructure maps, including the assessment and enhancement of department data holdings. Cleanup, update, and collation of several existing data sets into a primary wilderness tourism values and operations GIS-enabled database. Assessment and development of mapping needs.

Department of Environment, Government of Yukon 

A major digitizing project to develop a surface disturbance dataset for use in regional land planning and other projects.

Dawson Regional Planning Commission

Production of maps in support of regional planning activities.

Klondike Active Transport & Trails Society

Management of the 9th Avenue Trail project for 2010, including completion of the trail and development of a GPS and photographic trail inventory of the Dawson area.

Production of maps for feasibility study of 12 Mile Ditch hiking trail from the Klondike to Tombstone Territorial Park.

Design and develop web site

Tourism Industry Association of Yukon

Land Asset Identification Study: A major 2009 study using spatial analysis and modelling techniques to assess the entire Yukon for land-based tourism values.

City of Dawson

Various projects, including the preparation of maps for Public Works, Fire Department, Planning Services, and the Recreation Departments.

Percy deWolfe Memorial Mail Race

Creation and deployment of the online Live Race Tracker to make this international dog sledding race more spectator friendly.

Design and develop web site

Yukon Environmental & Socioeconomic Assessment Board

Golden Horn Office of Science and Technology

Tr'ondËk HwËch'in

Department of Highways and Public Works, Government of Yukon

Twentieth Century Fox

Parks Canada